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In this surreal horror game, you play as a police officer dispatched to an apartment. A bizarre creature needs you to make him his last medicine dosage.

What are you going to do?

Find ingredients around the apartment and mix them to make the medicine for Him. Each dosage you make gives a different result. Discover the 6 different endings and read the notes scattered around to uncover the story behind this eerie place.


- 6 different endings

- Entertaining but terrifying gameplay

- Professional Level voice acting

- Unique graphics and visuals

- Captivating interesting characters

- Narrative-driven story

- Immersive lore

- Can be played with only a keyboard

- Available for Windows, Mac, Linux

- He

- A turtle in the apartment


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Windows 94 MB
Mac 132 MB
Linux 101 MB


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Thank you for this surreal horror game!
You can check my full game playthrough here:

I liked the inclusion of the journal pages and the multiple endings. It was a short and fun little game to play, and pretty spooky in the sheer eerie way the setting was presented. Nice job!

WOOOH! That was so cool! I absolutely LOVED the voice acting and the lore. Great job! I got all 6 endings! The euphoric one was my favorite. 


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Loved the creepiness and the dark atmosphere of this game! Great work! Got all ending

really great game! really interesting and unique!

1st game of my Random Horror video. Cool game. I liked all the different endings!!

Cool design and sounds.

I played it in Portugues. The last note is in Spanish, please fix it. 


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I completed your game on Steam, and I leaved a positive review. Liked your game very much, also reminded me of some old online Flash games, where you click on stuff and watch how it will kill a man on screen.

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This game has a creep factor of 1000

No Commentary All Endings

This game has creep factor to 1000. Here is all 6 endings 

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A really unique and interesting world! It definitely gives me David Lynch vibes in the best way possible.

What engine did you create this with?


This was a fantastic game. I adore pixel horror as it leaves a lot to the imagination and the lack of detail makes it extra frightening- this game really added extra on the fear. Every time making a new dosage, that suspense build up on his reaction! Wonderful work!!

what the heck is that please check me out and like and subscribe

really nice touch for the game the story is great  i got the death ending oh well i guess il fine more soon

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Great game. Good atmosphere. 

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This is a short but interesting horror game. I loved the graphics and the storyline of the game. The storyline was short and simple to understand and when I saw the "person" at the end, it was amazing to hear voice acting involved in the game. Especially for the ending I got where I laughed at the great voice acting for the "person". 

I really liked the game and I hope to see more horror games like this in the future from y'all creators