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Some one please?


Has everyone has a game so I can play or

Join my game jam!

I have the the game on Play Store  :D


not downloading

full secret room and secret egg and secret tape

Very high quality game for being an indie game! Very creepy! Looking forward to playing part two!

I'm surprised by the quality of this game and i expected it to be a cheap knockoff of poppy playtime. i made a video playing it on my channel!

PLS 32 Bit



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its asking me for another program to launch the game.i download the 1st, but its not telling me how to download the 2nd


Realmente es uno de los mejores juegos que he jugado en algún tiempo. Se lo recomiendo a todo el mundo!

Gran trabajo devs!


opinions are mixed throughout people but I thought it was a well put together game. nice job!


I heard chapter 2 is even more crazy im checking it out now!


I don't think anyone here has ever played a good horror game if they think this is that scary.


I played this and I love the idea, its not original but I don't know how I feel just by playing Episode 1 of this adventure, let's see how Episode II goes 


I'm jumbo josh bruh

From indie "horror" Garten of banban bruh

This game is really good, idk why everyone comes down on it

Definitely gonna play chapter 2, tha drone was annoying but but i liked tha concept



This game is getting exciting! Can't wait to play part 2 and drop a video on it! Please check out the video and leave a like! 


it took me 3 hours to download a 500MB game about the computer as if it can't open


Good Game!

Despite the negative feedback, it takes a lot of courage and dedication to be a game developer. Creating a game is no easy feat even if its bad, and it's impressive that you have put in the time and effort to make one. It's important to remember that even the most successful game developers face criticism and setbacks, and that every failure can be a lesson in disguise. So let's give you a round of applause for your hard work and perseverance, and wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors!

and you guys need to chill,  criticism can be valuable for game developers to improve their work, but there's no need for such harsh and hurtful comments. remember that behind every game is a human being who has put their time, effort, and passion into creating it. Making negative comments and spreading hate can not only hurt the developer's feelings but also discourage them from continuing to pursue their passion.

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Yet somehow 1 dude in his room could make a better game than this just because he was bored. If there really were passionate about this project then the negative feedback wouldn't be as much because you can see the passion behind it. You're basically praising the devs for learning how to put bread on butter. Tho I agree that the critism needs to be toned down abit

Oh, absolutely. Because as we all know, passionate people never receive negative feedback. So clearly, if someone receives negative feedback, they must not be passionate at all? makes sense from my ass,  and I'm sure the devs will be thrilled to hear that all their hard work is just the equivalent of learning how to make a sandwich. I mean, who needs passion and creativity when you can just slap some bread on butter.


did you just purposefully misread what they said or? because they weren't saying that at all. the devs did the bare bones of making a game. theres no passion in it at all.

Of course, because nothing says "I know the ins and outs of game development" like claiming that a game was made without any passion. I'm sure you're an expert on the subject and can tell from just playing the game that the developers didn't put any effort or care into it. Bravo.


i am :]


True, I make games and it takes way too long!


Developers, I hope you know the direction you are goung with this game(s) because the first parts had some cool things with the drone witch could use some more work and the bird chase sequence witch could have been better. Creating sequel after sequel isn't a smart move for the franchise and your team. If you are going to create a awesome horror game, stick with one and keep building off of that and learn mistakes as you go. Create cool, creepy and memorable characters besides being sloppy and lazy with it. I see potential in your creation but your taking a bad path and will eventually cause some backlash. Please take your game seriously and good things will come back to you.


Can you do any better? Don't judge on people if you don't know what creating games takes. It takes so much time and effort and this is not sloppy... The second game is an hour long that takes months or years to create.


You mean which, not witch.




Oh, you were talking about the other guy not me, sorry


It's alright

Could the euphoric brothers make it so the game works on mac

i how to do the in the with th ebird and the kill mne


Why are so many posts praising the game getting down voted? Can't people respect other people's opinions? Everyone's entitled to their opinion!

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No ones saying to not have your own a opinion, we're down voting it because said opinion is wrong

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An opinion is a judgment, viewpoint, or statement that is not conclusive, like "Baldi is a good character" and "Papa Louie games are shit", rather than stating information, like "Apples are fruits" and "Bananas are rocks", which are either true or false statements. So an opinion can be neither right nor wrong.

ok how about this

Hitler was a good person

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That's still an opinion that's neither true or false, because that's what someone may personally think of Hilter. A judgement, viewpoint, or statement doesn't need to be agreed with the majority of people to be a opinion.

What's the difference between an opinion and a fact if you think they can both be true or false? Stop acting so smart just because someone's opinion on something doesn't align with  yours.

As a polish, I 100% agree hitler being bad is an opinion.

KNOCKED the candy out of em

The games was pretty fun and the bird actually scared me, short and sweet though! (Here is my playthrough if anyone is interested)

please add it to iPad

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Fix your damn models. Why are the models that look like they were made in 2 hours have like a million polygons?


this gamed sucked

I regre

I regre too


is this the real version

I Wanna play the sequel but I dont have 5 dollars :(


Great game!

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