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а у меня уже вышла 7-ая глава банбана


Can not wait for chapter 4

10/10 this game is so good

Awesome chapter, can't wait to play the next one


This one the great one I've played :)

Good Game

poppy is poop

I stole this game !!!

Demon Banban Yay!

Only these guy can a make a game worse and worse but yeah whaevah here's my video about it 


Played this one to get ready for the release of 4 today! Wonderful job. Stinger Flynn is probably one of the coolest, but me and Opila bird have a past. Kepp it up! Can't wait to play 4!

MAde a video if anyone would like to see:


fun game!

why is it free?


its not, clicking download just redirects to the steam page to purchase


Loved it!

I played this i enjoy it





Could I be a boss in the game please or I could do voices


The story is good but the boss fights are a little tedious, the checkpoints aren't that great, but it's still a good game.

Can't wait to see what they do will the 4th game!


It feels like they've just committed to making the games satire at this point? Cause I feel like these just keep getting slightly more tedious, laughable and unnecessarily long...I was willing to give the first one a chance but idk anymore. quantity over quality apparently :/


is this  playable on mac ? i click install and it doesnt download


No, it isn't confirmed by the developers yet. Hopefully in the future we might be able to play it on mac.


wasnt expecting this game to be so long, was worth every second too!


Going to crossover my Steam review to itchio page with a few extras:

Y'all should REALLY put more time into your games than just releasing one game every 2 months because quality > quantity 

Also I'm very confuse on why you're not alternatively selling this directly on itchio as the game is selling for "free" with Steam & mobile links especially  since the Steam version is DMR free 🤔


Bro i have seen your review on steam and i found it helpful.

Thank You For Writing it.


Thanks as I hope that the devs listen to some real criticism and put more effort into their games instead of rushing it out every 2 months 😎👍




not to bad ngl

beyond peak


The first one is still my favorite. This one has more story and is less tedious than the second one, though


We wilI be tuning for Chapter 4☝‼


garten of peak


Can someone ban the euphoric brohters from making games, im so sick of them and their bullshit.


Why tho


The games suck and are admitted cash grabs, a lot of the time comments praise games that may even seem awful, and i have no problem with that, but these developers lost the care to make games after the first garten of ban ban game. its literally just a rip-off of poppys playtime, and the fact these games get recognition and praise despite being extremely low effort is insulting to actual self respecting indie developers. these games are insulting, and they suck. thats why


Dude your complaining on comments.
Just go to twitter


you right, i just wanted to be a hater under the page. theres really no reason for me to be commenting i just really dont like these devs.

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You should keep your rude comment to yourself or Just Complaining on Twitter Like EggoBeggo Said




Could you make this game for free


This has to be satire


Absolutely love this game series cant wait for another installment XD


I cant wait for banban 4 to come out haha




Have I stumbled upon a new take on click bait?

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*brings you to steam page*

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(Added an exclamation point in my edit, that's all.)


make it free itis not a super game😒😒😒😒


Again, shit made for kids...

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