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Pretty awesome game! I got 3 of the endings, sure I missed some stuff, but still had so much fun!

Thank you for this short horror game!
You can check my full game playthrough here:

Pretty nice and unusual idea that I would have liked to see more of. Keep it up!

Una historia corta pero entretenida, creo que me falto solo un final por terminar. pero creo que esta bien logrado el ambiente aunque quizás un poco más de información sobre lo que oculta el agua hubiera sido muy bueno de ver.


Mac version doesn't work. Downloaded from Steam, you see a loading screen. When it's on 90%, it closes without an error message. I already tried doing what Steam suggested. The version downloaded from here just can't be opened, an error message shows up right after I open the file. It says "The app '' can't be opened'". There's no error code and I couldn't find any log.

such a great short game , I didn't know you can walk off the boat and go in the water🤣 I found that out by mistake

日本語訳を付けました。I enjoyed the gameplay a lot. There are some minor bugs but I recommend Flesh Water to anybody who enjoys indie horror games. Since my native language is Japanese, I have to comment on the Japanese option. Frankly speaking, it's not even playable in Japanese. So, I added my own translation to the upload. I hope it helps Japanese players and people who are interested in studying Japanese. If you guys, the dev brothers are interested in Japanese localization, please feel free to let me know.

Super cool, j'aime ces jeux genre retor! Merci et bon travail!

This is an interesting concept for a game but I feel there could've been some more in regards to establishing the plot. I liked the pixilated art style, the voice acting, and the feeling of isolation. I feel there could have been different art or epilogues for each end.  Other than that, good job on this game!

Good little game, I love the pixel art style and I wish there was more 2D horror games like their one since I think they have a lot more to them than most people realize. I thought it was nice, simple and fun. 

An interesting idea and story make this a nice short game with the potential for a longer one. Well done!

If you are in for a blind reaction, all endings, and German commentary you can check out my video:

If you want me but not this game, here is the link to my channel:

The game's really interesting and while I didn't get the last ending, I got enough clues to figure out the last ending. I only wish we could skip he dialogue. But that maybe just me. Great game.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

This game was awesome! I figured out the last ending too late... but that's all good, still fun!

That's it. Two more endings made in this game... now the fourth and last... how will it be...

Good game pal. Congrats.

I don't mind feeding my friends pets... I just don't want to be on the menu. Creepy game with an interesting story. Keep up the good work!  

The game was fine, I only wish that they will add a volume settings.
{review for the game under 2 mins}

Awesome game once again, very immersive and with cool endings.

The connection between the characters was bizarre and creepy, truly retro style and neat. Good Job! 

Creepy very retro love it.

Very cool!